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SelectFlorida provides information and assistance to Brazilian companies interested in establishing operations in Florida or identifying strategic partners in Florida.

Providing Assistance to Brazilian Companies

If you are a Florida company interested in exporting to the Brazilian market, please click here.

Conexões Flórida – Brasil

O Estado da Flórida e a República Federativa do Brasil têm desfrutado de uma parceria profunda e mutuamente benéfica por muitas décadas. A Flórida é a principal porta de entrada para empresas brasileiras interessadas no mercado norte-americano, enquanto o Brasil tem sido consistentemente classificado como o principal parceiro comercial da Flórida em todo o mundo. A Flórida abriga uma comunidade muito grande e próspera de brasileiros residentes nos Estados Unidos, e há inúmeras empresas brasileiras ativas no estado. A multiplicidade de laços de transporte, comunicação, turísticos, culturais e familiares também beneficiou fortemente os laços comerciais bilaterais.


Florida: A Magnet for International Companies Video

Florida: A Magnet for International Companies



  • In 2022, total bilateral merchandise trade between Florida and Brazil was $22.6 billion, making it Florida’s #1 bilateral merchandise trading partner.
  • Florida exports to Brazil totaled $17.3 billion in 2022, making Brazil the state’s leading export market and representing nearly one-third of Brazil’s imports from the U.S. Leading export commodities include aircraft, fertilizers, electronic circuits, phones, and computers.
  • Florida imports from Brazil totaled $5.3 billion in 2022, making Brazil Florida’s 6th largest source for merchandise imports. Leading import commodities include aircraft, chemical woodpulp, fruit and vegetable juices, and pistols.
Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment

  • Based on the most recent statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Brazil is the 14th largest foreign direct investor in Florida, with Brazilian-owned affiliates accounting for more than 5,500 jobs.
  • Latin American Ranking: Brazil is also the 2nd largest Latin American investor in Florida, directly following Mexico and far exceeding investments from any other Latin American country.
  • Brazilian affiliates in Florida were estimated to have total holdings of USD $1.3 billion in gross property, plant, and equipment in 2020.
  • According to SelectFlorida’s database of foreign-owned affiliates in Florida, there are more than 100 Brazilian companies operating over 115 branch locations in Florida.
Global Connectivity
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Global Connectivity

Florida is home to hundreds of airports, including commercial and general aviation airports, 15 deep-water ports, 3,000 miles of freight rail tracks and over 122,000 miles of highway to move your products and services to market. Additionally, Florida is the world’s largest telecommunications gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, with state-of-the-art connectivity supported by 61,000+ total fiber miles, 47,000+ fiber-connected buildings and 275 data center locations to ensure unparalleled global connectivity.

Community & Culture
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Community & Culture

  • In 2022, 700,000 Brazilians visited Florida, accounting for 7% of total international visitors to Florida. This 436% growth over 2022 signals a strong recovery of Brazilian tourism.
  • Brazil consistently ranks 3rd largest nationality of international visitors to Florida, following Canada and the UK.
  • Over 300,000 Brazilian-born residents live in Florida as of 2021, showcasing their influence in communities and proudly keeping the historic connections of Brazilian business in Florida alive.
  • An estimated 156,000 Floridians speak Portuguese at home as of 2021. Portuguese is also the 3rd most spoken non-English language in the state after Spanish and Haitian Creole.
  • The State of Florida has many active Sister City programs with Brazil, promoting the exchange of people, ideas, and culture as a first step towards establishing commercial ties.
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