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22 Fortune 500 companies have headquarters in Florida for the state’s robust infrastructure, diverse talent pool and pro-business climate.

A Hub for Headquarters

Some of the largest businesses have headquarters in Florida today — including 22 Fortune 500 companies.

Florida’s robust infrastructure, diverse talent pool, pro-business climate, competitive cost of doing business and streamlined regulatory environment make it one of the best places for corporate headquarters in the United States. Major international and domestic organizations spanning every industry — from banking to food markets to aerospace and defense — already have headquarters based in the state, and your business will benefit from this established network.


0% Personal Income Tax
#4 Best State Business Tax Climate 2023 Tax Foundation
#3 Largest Civilian Labor Force 2023 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
#4 Largest Economy in the U.S. 2022 Bureau of Economic Analysis
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With more than 11 million workers statewide — the third-largest civilian labor force in the U.S. in 2023, Florida’s skilled workers are ready to take your business to the next level. Florida continues to add to its robust and diverse workforce through its world-class educational institutions, which are among the nation’s top performers of R&D and commercialization of technologies.

Tax-Friendly Environment
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Tax-Friendly Environment

With a low corporate tax rate of 5.5% and the state sales tax rate of 6%, Florida ranks low compared to other states in the nation in terms of the tax burden placed on its residents and businesses. Plus, the 0% personal income tax is a compelling incentive for business owners looking to attract out-of-state job hunters.

Global Connectivity for Headquarters
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Global Connectivity for Headquarters

Florida’s strategic geographic location makes it a great place to do business. With the state’s proximity to Latin America, it has emerged as a leading U.S. center for international finance and trade, attracting the offices of the world’s largest foreign and domestic banks. There are 15 global banks with U.S. headquarters located throughout the state. Florida also offers one of the most extensive multi-modal transportation systems in the world, as well as unparalleled global connectivity for its financial and professional services institutions through state-of-the-art connectivity.


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