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April 27, 2023

Governor Ron DeSantis Meets with South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-Soo to Highlight the Business Relationship Between Florida and South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea – Today, Governor Ron DeSantis met with Prime Minister Han Duck-Soo of South Korea to highlight the growing business relationship between Florida and South Korea.

The Governor and First Lady were joined by Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd and Florida Secretary of Commerce Laura DiBella. Florida and South Korea have a natural, strategic partnership with shared values of democracy, human rights and a belief in the free market economy.

“Florida is excited to be strengthening business ties with South Korea and we look forward to continuing to build on our partnership,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “I was happy to meet with the Prime Minister and showcase the economic opportunities available by working with Florida.”

“It was an honor to meet with Prime Minister Han Duck-Soo to discuss Florida and South Korea’s economic relationship,” said Laura DiBella, Florida Secretary of Commerce and President & CEO of Enterprise Florida. “South Korea is a vital trading partner to Florida, and we are excited to continue strengthening our prosperous relationship.”

“The Florida Department of State is committed to ensuring that entrepreneurs in Korea are aware of the business-friendly corporate filing environment that makes it easy to register an entity in our state,” said Secretary of State Cord Byrd. “We continue to streamline our processes to make it easy to conduct international trade and business in Florida.”

Florida and South Korea’s Economic Relationship

South Korean affiliates in Florida are estimated to have total holdings of more than $107 million with South Korean companies like Hyundai Motor Group and Korean Airlines having operations in Florida.

Merchandise trade between Florida and South Korea exceeds $1.3 billion annually, making it Florida’s 7th largest bilateral trade partner in Asia and the Middle East region. South Korea imported more than $341.6 million from Florida in 2022, while Florida imported more than $951 million in goods from South Korea in 2022.