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Tax advantages, a vast talent pool and robust infrastructure make Florida an ideal location for manufacturing businesses.

Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing businesses ramp up fast in Florida.

From batteries and boats to semiconductors and satellites, Florida’s manufacturing industry produces a wide variety of goods each year. Ranked among the nation’s top 10 states for manufacturing, Florida is home to over 24,000 manufacturing companies that employ more than 400,000 workers. Manufacturing companies choose Florida for its pro-business policies, strong workforce and access to domestic and global markets.


$64.48B Total Manufacturing Output 2021 National Association of Manufacturers
#1 New Tech Business Establishments In The U.S. 2022 CompTIA, Cyberstates Report
#3 State Rank in Manufacturing Establishments 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics
#2 State Rank of Medical Device Manufacturing 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics
Manufacturing Workforce
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Manufacturing Workforce

With over 11 million workers statewide and more than 400,000 professionals employed in the state’s diverse manufacturing sector, you’ll have access to an exceptional labor pool. Florida also offers one of the lowest unionization rates for private-sector manufacturing in the country, fortifying your competitive advantage in a right-to-work state.

Robust Infrastructure
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Robust Infrastructure

Florida offers one of the most extensive multi-modal transportation systems in the world — giving you the ability to move your product anywhere across the globe. Florida has more than 100 airports, 14 deep-water ports within 90 miles of any business, 3,000 miles of freight rail tracks, and over 120,000 miles of roads. And with more than 24,000 manufacturing companies calling Florida home, the supply chain you need is already in place.

Tax Advantages
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Tax Advantages

Known for its industry-specific tax advantages, as well as 0% personal income tax, Florida ranks as the No. 4 best state business tax climate, according to Tax Foundation. Specific to manufacturing, Florida offers special sales and use tax exemptions for the aviation and aerospace industry, including commercial space activity, manufacturing equipment and aircraft parts, modification, maintenance and repair.

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