An aircraft carrier off the coast of Florida

Florida’s Gulf Test Range

180,000 Square Miles of Undersea, Sea, Air Space and Cyber Space Capabilities.

Florida’s Gulf Test Range

There is no other testing/training range like Florida’s Gulf Range.

If all of Florida’s testing and training infrastructure are combined, the Department of Defense can undertake actions like fully test hypersonic weapons with long-ranges and simultaneously conduct exercises with undersea, sea, air, space and cyber assets.

Preserving Florida’s range assets are critical to Florida and the U.S. military. There are multiple threats to the range complex like development encroachment, oil exploration and other energy producing technologies, as well as, not investing in test facility infrastructure.  The Office of Military and Defense along with its associated Defense Support Task Force are advocates for the Gulf Range and provide a number of resources below, which explain its value.

It’s Not Just Airspace, the Gulf Range is a Multi-Domain Complex

The facilities that can be included in the Gulf Training Range Include:

  • Land Ranges
    • Avon Park Air Force Range
    • Navy Pinecastle Range Complex
    • Camp Blanding Joint Training Center
  • Air and Space Ranges
    • Eastern Range Complex
    • Eglin Gulf Test and Training Range
    • Jacksonville Range Complex
  • Surface and Subsurface Ranges
    • Bugg Spring Undersea Warfare Center
    • Jacksonville Shallow Water Training Range
    • Panama City Operations Area
    • South Florida Ocean Measurement Facility
    • Atlantic Targets and Marine Operations Key West
  • Cyber Ranges
    • National Cyber Range Complex

The Gulf Range’s Geography is an Important Asset Now and Into the Future

As the U.S. military has shifted its focus from combating terrorist organizations to fighting peer or near peer countries, the testing and training requirements have also shifted. Florida’s geography can serve as a realistic simulation for Southeast Asia, which will help the U.S. military prepare for potential adversaries into the foreseeable future.

Below is a wealth of information focused on the Gulf Range. Click on the titles below to find out additional information on this national asset.

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