An aircraft carrier off the coast of Florida

Protecting the Gulf Range

Florida supports collaboration to preserve its unique Gulf Range and provides strategic resources for the state and U.S. military.

Florida’s Gulf Range Protection Plan

A precious resource and strategic location, the Gulf Range is at the heart of protection efforts supported by both the military and land conservation organizations.

The purpose of this site is to provide the status of Florida’s Joint Gulf Range Complex and outline a Florida state military and defense plan to secure an extended moratorium on oil leasing or drilling set to expire in the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, in June 2022. This is also a place to share the work that the full team of partners is doing.

The Current Status of protecting the Gulf Range is that there is a strong bipartisan sense of urgency among federal, state, and local FL representatives, as well as within the FL military and environmental communities, to extend the moratorium in the 116th Congress given the June 2022 expiration date and the inclusion of Gulf leases in the 2019-2024 DPP.





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