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SelectFlorida provides information and assistance to Israeli companies interested in establishing operations in Florida or identifying strategic partners in Florida.

Providing Assistance to Israeli Companies

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Israel and Florida: A Strong and Growing Economic Partnership

The State of Israel and the U.S. State of Florida have a strong relationship, sharing many common areas of business activity. In 2013, Florida and Israel signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote collaborative research, development, and commercialization of projects related to aviation, aerospace, and life sciences. Under this agreement, the governments of Israel and Florida are matching each other, dollar for dollar, to establish a fund to provide grants to Israeli and Florida companies that present joint R&D projects for innovative technologies.

Florida and Israel also have a history of strong cooperation in the defense and homeland security and life sciences sectors. Both high-tech industries are highly developed in both Israel and in Florida, and Israeli companies are increasingly looking to Florida when seeking to expand to the U.S and/or Latin America.

Florida’s information technology sector is a global leader in Modeling, Simulation and Training, Photonics/Optics, and Software & Computer Systems Design. Home to iconic IT pioneers such as IBM and Citrix Systems, as well as home-grown start-ups with a global reach, Florida has the nation’s third-largest tech industry, and is a leader in the production of graduates in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Florida has much to offer Israeli companies, and is home to a large and active Jewish community. The Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA), launched in 2016, is a technology accelerator designed to establish and grow successful Israeli high-growth tech ventures in the Tampa Bay Area. Furthermore, Florida has numerous accelerators and soft-landing programs available to assist Israeli companies with market-ready products or technologies to expand in the U.S. market – and beyond.


Florida: A Magnet for International Companies Video

Florida: A Magnet for International Companies



  • In 2022, total bilateral merchandise trade between Florida and Israel was $651 million, making it Florida’s 4th largest bilateral merchandise trade partner in the Middle East and 47th largest partner overall. Bilateral merchandise trade grew by 66% in 2022 and more than 175% in the last ten years, emphasizing the growing partnership on both import and export fronts.
  • Florida exports to Israel were $228.2 million in 2022, making Israel Florida’s 52nd largest export market. Leading export commodities include cars, bovine meat, computers, lasers, and perfumes.
  • Florida imports from Israel totaled $422.6 million in 2022, making Israel Florida’s 38th largest source market for imports. Leading import commodities include electronic circuits, medical instruments, pharmaceutical goods, phones, and aircraft.
Foreign Direct Investment
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Foreign Direct Investment

  • Based on the most recent statistics from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Israel is the 19th largest foreign direct investor in Florida, with Israeli-owned affiliates accounting for more than 2,500 jobs.
  • Middle East Ranking: Israel is also by far the #1 largest Middle Eastern investor in Florida, preceding both the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Israeli affiliates in Florida are estimated to have had total holdings of USD $647 million in gross property, plant, and equipment in 2020.
  • According to SelectFlorida’s database of foreign-owned affiliates in Florida, there are more than 50 Israeli companies operating over 65 branch locations in Florida.
Investing in Florida-Israel Innovations
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Investing in Florida-Israel Innovations

Florida allocated $1 million from the state’s fiscal year 2020 budget for Space Florida, the state’s aerospace agency, to work with Israeli companies in research, development and commercialization of aerospace and life sciences projects. Also, another $400,000 from the budget was assigned to the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator, an economic development initiative of the Tampa Jewish Community Center.

Strong Cultural Ties
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Strong Cultural Ties

The state of Florida has a large and active Jewish community of over 670,000 individuals, 3% of the Jewish population in the U.S. Florida and Israel continue to support and grow their shared community through several active Sister City partnerships, including Cocoa’s partnership Beit Shemesh, Israel, Sarasota’s partnership with Tel Mond, Israel, and more.

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